Beauty that is worth it

this product is a favorite of mine. It is slightly on the high end side but it is worth it . Clarins is a product that will make your skin feel beautiful. In Jamaica we can only seem to get them at the duty free shops on the coast but when I was in Negril I had to stock up on it , Their line of beauty treatments ensures that their is something for everyone. I used to be a fan of Clinique , but if you love your skin , give the Clarins line a try


Jewelry – Bangles , bangles

Aren’t these bangles simply fab . And very inexpensive too . These two are from Banana Republic but you could find similar styles at Xtras in Kingston

Jamaican Soaps

There are some nice soaps made in Jamaica with medicinal properties , I suggest if you enjoy experimenting with soaps and lotions you try wholefood body care company its based in Discovery Bay in St Ann. They have a lemongrass soap that is simply refreshing as well as some other goodies. Blue Mountain aromatics has a great coconut lotion that I use to soothe my skin especially my feet they also have a brilliant cerasee soap which is really good for cooling down mosquito bites. unfortunately Blue Mountain Aromatics seems to not to have a website but if you are interested please leave a comment and i will find the phone number or email for them

Black Soap

Sometimes we don’t have to buy expensive remedies to treat our skin. Case in point Dudu Osun Black Soap . I was introduced to this in New York years ago. Dudu Soap is black and is specially formulated entirely from natural ingredients and herbs, this soap will have you feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Restores damaged skin and is helpful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles and dark spots. Scented with Osun (Cam wood extract) citrus juices and native honey. With Aloe Vera and natural vitamins. For awhile I couldn’t find it in Jamaica but most beauty supplies sell it as well as the natural herbal stores . its ugly but it is definitely a beauty tool .

Your Skin

Every one loves a beautiful skin and we all tend to look for ways to maintain our skin so it can be a healthy-looking one. Options for ensuring a healthy skin range from using cleansers to undergoing expensive facial surgeries. But it seems most dermatologist and skin care experts would generally agree that there are three ways that you could use in ensuring you have a healthy skin: knowing your skin type, treating any skin problems the moment you notice them, and following a daily skin regimen. You might be familiar with the use of facial wash, toner and moisturizing cream routine if your skin is prone to acne but you should know that there are also others, which could be in terms of your diet.
We know that are various kinds of foods, which have the natural potency of nourishing our bodies both inside the body and on the skin. Some things quickly come to your mind, which are fresh fruits and vegetables. In ancient times before the appearance of commercial skin care products in the market, traditional methods of cleansing the skin were used. At such a time facial cleansers, body cleansers and cotton balls were not available as such it was common for people to use herbs and other botanicals to keep their skin glowing. It seems some people having realized this benefits now look in their gardens and kitchens to find spices, juices, fruits and vegetables that would help improve the texture of their skins.
There are number of foods that are helpful in keeping your skin’s moisture to prevent dryness. Almond is a very good example of foods that does that. Almond nuts are usually found in chocolates and salads; I guess you did not know they could remedy dry skin. When you mix almond powder with water, it forms a type oil that, if you apply on your skin would provide moisture and also fade away old acne scars. You love honey. Yeah everybody does, but did you also know it is good for your skin and your entire body? When you mix honey with water and apply it on your entire body it can improve your skin’s glow and prevent dryness. Also you could take it a step further by mixing honey with milk, yogurt and pounded sesame seeds, this would ensure you a better complexion.
A natural method of preventing skin problems, which affect the face, is with the use of fenugreek leaves or boiled seeds. Apply a paste on the skin with water. Even if your preventive measures have failed to ensure a skin free of skin inflammations and itching, you can still find natural treatments right there in your kitchen. A good example of a natural treatment for skin problems such as irritation and itching is fresh apple juice. Apricot is also useful for this same purpose and a number of commercial skin care products in market contain this ingredient. When apricot is used raw, its juice is very effective in treating itching, sunburn and eczema.
Cucumber is a very good solution if you have the problem of dark patches below your eyes. Dark patches below your eyes can also be treated with turmeric paste mixed with pineapple juice. In any case of minor skin problems, you should pair the paste with gram flour or whole-wheat flour. Aside helping in fading away dark spots under the eyes cucumber juice, carrot juice, lettuce, or alfalfa can also heal skin inflammations.
How healthy your diet is shows on your skin. As such foods that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, antioxidant, zinc, and olive oil are very helpful in improving your skin texture and complexion. Foods like sunflower seeds, which contain Vitamin E help in prevent wrinkles and skin sagging. Vitamin C also helps in maintaining your skin’s collagen, and ensures your skin texture improves and becomes more radiant. Kiwi contains a great amount of Vitamin C, even more than oranges. Zinc is also helpful in maintaining you skin’s elastin fiber and collagen. Turkey contains zinc in high amounts and you should eat more of turkey containing cuisines.
As you must have heard, drinking an adequate amount of water is good for your skin. It helps keep your skin hydrated. Doctors recommend 10 to 12 glasses of water. This also helps in flushing toxins out of your body and regenerating cells. When you do not take sufficient water, it is easier for impurities to build up and your skin becomes pale. You could also drink green tea in place of water, which is helpful in combating acne pimples as it contains anti-acne antioxidants.
Only a small percentage of the human population is blessed with velvet smooth and acne free skin. It does not matter if you are not among the small few that do not develop skin problems, following a beauty regimen which takes care of your skin from the outside and the inside is sure to include you in the lucky few.

beauty from the inside

We all know that no matter what kind of cosmetics you put on if you are unhealthy it will show . Try to include 4 or more servings of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Right know fruits and vegetables are so inexpensive in Jamaica. Please try and make an effort and keep your body beautiful from the inside . A friend of mine who was suffering from cancer was put on a diet of fruits and vegetables and after 2 years of chemo and the doctor saying that she is going to die she is on the road to recovery. She had to omit meat, chicken, bread , sugar all things that we know are killing us , she has to juice calaloo very day as well as eat broccoli, cho cho and all the other foods that were put here to keep us healthy . We must all try to find ways to stay gorgeous from the inside out. Every so often I am going to include posts on natural health and dieting and what herbs and foods will keep us beautiful

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush

If you can get access to a Victoria Secret store or you have someone traveling abroad, take my advice and buy several tubes of Beauty Rush Lip gloss from Victoria’s Secret . It has to be the best tasting lip gloss ever the finish is fabulous and the taste of the gloss is heavenly . If you are a chocolate lover try their chocolate flavored gloss


I am very fussy when it comes to my mascara . I used to use Black Opal , but gosh it is so clumpy , gross , so now I am now using Maybelline Volume Express, Turbo Boost , love it , but what else could I expect. It separates , lengthens its clean and neat . With this mascara I have even left off the eyeliner that I usually wear