Reve Jewelry at Devon House

Hi here are some new pictures from Reve Jewelry .    


3 thoughts on “Reve Jewelry at Devon House

  1. Just got back from visiting fam’s in JA and stoppped in at Reve twice in Devon House. Beautiful and unique pieces i had to take my sister back there the second time.the designs are fresh and can be worn with anything – jeans, beachwear and evening wear. Real sexy eye catching pieces.I cant wait to see your store in south London girl.Mail me when you reach or text me and let me know where you are – I have people who would be interested in your range and also a wedding in trinidad i need to dress for :))BlessDeexxPS T, if you are reading this and you are coming over – i beg you bring me one of those jade phone charms – something with red in it as i left my one behind!!!

  2. Jewelry is very personal. You have shown your jewelry in a fascinating way. You could also browse through . There are affordable jewelry options that they have and one could also get them customized as they want.

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