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Simone Dottin-Graham

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rêve Jewellery and Accessories opened the doors of its Devon House location on Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

Owned by siblings Duane and Teasea Bennett, the Bohemian-chic boutique showcases the jewellery of director and talented jewellery artist Duane Bennett, known for his exclusive one-of-a-kind handmade designs.

Fall in love with ‘The Bloom’ – intricate sterling silver petals combine to form the ring that is complemented by 14-karat gold detailing.

Bennett uses quality materials such as Swarovski crystals, pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and metals for his impressive creations. In an interview with Threads and Trends, director of marketing and sales and public relations, sister Teasea Bennett, explained that the store will not only feature in-house designs, but the work of other talented local designers.

“Customers can expect our latest designs, plus we will feature each month the works of other top local jewellery designers.” The duo hopes to eventually expand the line throughout Jamaica, the Caribbean region and across Europe. Here are some of the elegant hand-crafted designs that we spotted at the opening.

Rêve Jewellery and Accessories, Shop 14, Devon House, Kingston.


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The secrets have been revealed, and it’s time to taste the fountain of youth, inside-out! “Food chemistry affects body chemistry,’’ smiles Minnie Pandit, as she talks about the concept of living food cuisines and her recipes that rejuvenate, reverse and delay the ageing process and enhance health. Her son, Dr Amitabh Pandit is the founder of Saidas Healing Foundation, a no-profit organization, pioneering Orthomolecular Science and bringing cutting-edge information in the filed of anti-ageing, wellness and fitness. Food and the combination in which it is taken forms the fabric of the body and orthomolecular science prescribes food in particular combinations, which act synergistically to produce cells and tissues which last even up to five years! “Over a period of time, the body changes to produce fantastic levels of health, well-being, rejuvenation,’’ Pandit says they design anti-ageing and holistic health programmes which help in disease control and management through natural foods. Here from Lucknow, where they are based to launch their book Anti-Ageing Exotic Blends at Oxford Bookstore on Saturday evening, the authors hope that every morsel and sip that you take go to nourish your body.

The book has as many as 54 recipes of exotic blends and each ingredient and infusion used to create these energizing blends will have a healing, curative, stimulating, calming, energizing, therapeutic effects on the body. “What’s more, these are delicious, easy-to-make and use common ingredients,’’ Minnie serves you a refreshing cup of lemon grass and lemon tea. “These blends are for the entire body, eyes, hair, skin and internal healing is what we’re talking about. Creams, serums, fancy cosmetics work only for a few hours or days and it’s all external. Natural foods help heal, cleanse and regenerate your organs and slow the ageing process,’’ Madhu also practices power yoga and attributes her good health and youthful skin to good food and yoga. The book, add the authors, will make this science reach out to a larger audience and make people aware of the correct foods and combinations to consume. Various spices and their powerful benefits, herbs for the connoisseur, an assortment of ingredients are interesting chapters which talk in detail about the uses and benefits of various foods. “A common ingredient like turmeric can lower cholesterol, BP, improve liver, ward off cancer-causing agents, while coriander seeds help liver and kidney functioning,’’ Madhu has some engrossing information.

The recipes of blends are simple, along with beautiful illustrations, tips and box of benefits. So, from acidity to bone strengthener, gentle detox, immunity raiser, circulation accelerator, energizer, diabetes, early-day stimulant, slim blend, rejuvenator, power builder, natural fuel, soul softener…there’s a blend for all this and more! Catch the action live at 5 pm!