Questions Answered

I try to pass on as much information as I can so that we can try to live a wholesome life with what nature has blessed us with .  So today I am going to answer some questions that friends of this blog email to me on a regular basis. My suggestions are not meant to cure anything its just things that I have either used  myself or my friends and family members used to stay healthy. So feel feel free to send your suggestions as well.
My sister suffered from LUPUS and she was in Jamaica with me for almost 4 years during that time, with a new diet she went into remission . She suffered through a lot of different ailments ,that is where I learned the power of herbs and vegetables. Its not until she went back to the states and went under medication that it all went downhill. So most of my suggestions are from what I fed her which caused an improvement in her health for three years .

Menstrual Cramps– Vitamin B12 taken at least a 2 weeks prior to your menstruation helps with  diminishing the effects of cramps.

Arthritis–  When my sister suffered from arthritis due to the LUPUS , ginger and tumeric where a constant addition. You can make ginger tea or ginger lemonade and drink that all day as well as cook with ginger. I used to put tumeric in all of my cooking its basically tasteless. Sprinkle on eggs, put in soups etc

Balanicing Hormones– When your hormones are imbalanced  so many problems can arise.   Chasteberry/ Vitex can help to balance female hormones.

Blood Pressure– I have an aunt who returned to Jamaica after 30 years with all of her medication for blood pressure . She started drinking breadfruit leaf tea and she has been off medication for over 5 years.

Menopause- Although my sister was only 26 when she was diagnosed , due to the sickness she suffered from symptoms that were menopausal (hot flashes etc. ) . This is due to the imbalance of the female hormones along with the Chasteberry and used to make Black Cohosh tea as well. These particular symptoms dissipated and she went back to her schedule after 3 months

Please try to incorporate as much green vegetables into your diet as possible.

If you are on medication please consult your doctor before adding herbs to your diet especially if your are not used to it.


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