How to prepare and cook Okra and Codfish(Saltfish)


Tip for "skin tags"

If you have any problems with skin tags or “moles” try this, castor oil and cocoa butter use this on the area until they dry up and can be scratched off .  I have used this and I have suggested this to others and it has worked . 

Moby’s Grill

Moby’s Grill located at 12 Fernleigh Avenue in May Pen is not only the home of Moby’s Records but it is also the premier hang out spot in Clarendon. Moby’s is attempting to be everything to its patrons and its working.  Moby’s has a full basketball court , swimming pool , pool table and more for clean fun . During the summer swimming lessons are offered as well as yoga classes.   Weekly events for children and their families make this the ideal location for family fun during the summer . On the weekends Moby’s hosts the very entertaining and popular Karoke Fridays . Our guests visit us for mingling with friends as well as to enjoy meals from our delicious menu.  Last year we started Moby’s Big Buss  which we ran on Thursday nights  which we used to expose the talents of  young people to  the community as well as offer opportunities to the winners in the form of record deals and cash prizes.  Due to its popularity Moby’s Big Buss will be a yearly event . 

Moby’s Grill has plenty more in store to keep our patrons happy. We are available for bookings and rentals  so contact us at 876-902-8473 or email us at