Sharing a secret: from a size 14 to a 6 in a year

This is how I went from a size 12 sometimes 14 to a size 6.

About 10 years ago I started a new job and I was about a size 7/8 .  The job was stressful and I put on weight and I put it on quickly. I was sluggish and felt awful I carried that weight for at least 10 years and I figured well as you get older you will put on weight.  I always worked out and ate my vegetables and herbs but the weight stayed on. I don’t even have pictures of myself from that time .  But last year after removing myself from  stressors I finally figured out the combination of food that worked for me .  My eating habits became very boring but I am much healthier.

coffee (can’t let that go) or tea
steamed cabbage with onions garlic tomatoes or callaloo

or oatmeal


more steamed vegetables
green bananas /sweet potatoes


Brown Rice and peas or plain brown rice
baked chicken
steamed vegetables

When I craved for something sweet  I would slice sweet potatoes and sprinkle cinnamon on them and bake , them if I wanted something salty and spicy  I would  sprinkle a little pepper and oregano on the potatoes .

I did this without fail for months , and then one day I noticed I looked different people didn’t recognize me and my clothes didn’t fit me anymore.  This diet is not for everyone and it can be boring. So mix it up but I do swear by brown rice its amazing.

I stopped eating bread  or white rice completely and I totally lost the taste for fast food.  Also stop drinking soda I used to be a Diet Coke addict.  Drink water and lots of it . Add garlic, oregano, parsley cinnamon and  cayenne pepper to your list of seasonings. I also go through at least 3 pounds of onions a week easily. As I said its not for anyone but if you have any questions  or you want recipes feel free to email me.


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