When my sister was diagnosed with LUPUS in 2007 I became obsessed with learning all I could about this disease.  When I became her caretaker for three years I witnessed first hand how diet can cause pain and inflammation as well as other foods that can alleviate the pain.  My sister loved junk food before being diagnosed , she was also under much stress whilst she was working towards her PhD in Chemistry.  I realized then the link between stress and food in causing chronic inflammation.

In most of  us when we eat food that is not agreeable with us, our bodies, this amazing machine will attack it. But in attacking these foods inflammation kicks in.  Inflammation can show itself in gastric disruptions, skin breakouts, joint pains , allergic responses etc.  These reactions are necessary but what part can we play in minimizing the effects.  I am only going to share some herbs that I have personally seen work to minimize inflammation.

Ginger/Turmeric – I will always sing the praises of ginger and turmeric. I had my sister on a steady diet of these herbs until she went into remission. The ginger helped with her arthritis which was part of the LUPUS. Turmeric as an anti inflammatory just calmed her body overall.

Chickweed is best known for it’s ability to cool inflammation and speed healing for internal or external flare-ups

Jamaican Dogwood another anti inflammatory that helps arthritis

Guinea Hen Weedused for a wide variety of  conditions including arthritis, digestive disorders, infections, diabetes, cancer and pain relief. 

*My opinions consult a doctor before including these herbs in your diet. 


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