Chik V and joint pain

If you are suffering from joint pain like I am at present here are some herbs you should try.  Since I was hit with the Chikungunya Virus last month I have been having issues with my joints . Apparently this is to be expected. Since this is inflammation , I am attacking it with  herbs .  So I have been drinking turmeric tea and cooking with turmeric also drinking and cooking with ginger .  I have also upped my garlic intake as well as drinking Bissy Tea and rosemary tea and cinnamon tea. So I will keep you posted.  What I am dealing with may help people who are dealing with chronic arthritis pain .


Chik V

I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything. I was a victim of the dreaded Chikungunya Virus and it was bloody awful.  I was on 3000 mg of Vitamin C every day and herbs nothing helped maybe they did with the duration.  The pain is horrible and I think I have a minor feeling what it must feel like for people who suffer from chronic joint pain.  Even after the pain subsided I developed this horrible sore throat for 10 days.  I am curious about this virus I am trying to find the long term effects, just interesting how it just popped up out of nowhere. Anyway I am doing some research so look out for new posts.