Trust me ..use Turmeric

I have to share this , I know its been awhile.  I have this off and on again coughing situation for years, with the weather now being cool and damp it gets worse. So I am here hacking and coughing with no medicine in the house but I had Turmeric.  So I made Turmeric tea with  ginger. Holy moly I stopped coughing and I slept through the night. I did it again last night  again I slept through the night .
I have been suggestion Turmeric to people for years for joint problems and other ailments nut never for coughs and colds (how naive I was).  So again please keep Turmeric handy it truly is amazing

My recipe

1/2 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon of turmeric
sugar or honey to taste


Stop Using Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil does not contain vegetables.  I am not a doctor but a few people I know used to complain about their heart racing so I suggested to them to stop using vegetable oil and start cooking or using coconut oil and now they are all thanking me.  This also helped a few people who suffer from hypertension and eczema.
Vegetable oil  is an industrial product. If it can start a car it has no place in your body do destroy delicate organs.
Buy coconut oil and take care of  yourself !!  The trans fats in vegetable cooking oil is the leading contributor to   cardiovascular diseases , cancer ,asthma and other forms of inflammation.  Do your own research and add olive oil or coconut oil to your diet .