Iron Deficiency

There are two types of iron heme and non-heme. Heme iron comes from dairy , meat , poultry and fish . Non-heme comes from plant based foods, spinach, beans lentils and some cereals .

I learned this the other day, that  I was iron deficient but although I increased my iron intake I was still lethargic and just plain ill. Well I learned that its the foods that we are combining with our supplements  affect the body’s absorption of iron.  For example grains, eggs, beets , coffee and teas inhibit the absorption of non heme iron. So since I am a coffee addict, tea drinker, brown rice eater and I juice beets constantly my body was not holding on to the non-heme iron which my body needed.

But Vitamin C combined with non-heme iron will help your body to absorb it. So if your diet is plant based add Vitamin C rich vegetables or fruits .  Or combine the supplements  so if you  are taking your iron supplement take your vitamin C supplement at the same time .  This has helped me immensely .

Please consult with your doctor .


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