Chasteberry /Vitex

I used to talk about this herb so much in the past. It is time to bring it up again.  Chasteberry/Vitex has over the years helped me with PMS symptoms but there are many other benefits from this herb.

I used to suffer from cramps, irritability, and headaches,  Chasteberry helped me. Over the past few years, a week before menstruation I develop sneezing and allergy attacks for two days. I researched it and found that elevated or a decreased estrogen can cause this. So  I started using Chasteberry/Vitex again, which again helped me. Hormonal imbalances can trigger all kinds of inflammation and other autoimmune responses.

Here are other issues Chasteberry/Vitex can help you with :

May shrink uterine fibroids– regulates hormonal imbalances, hence slowing down the growth of fibroids

Reduces Migraines

Alleviates PMS symptoms

Reduces menopausal symptoms

May reduce endometriosis symptoms- may decrease/alleviate inflammation

 I am not a doctor, I am just posting a herb that has helped me and others that I suggested it to. Consult your doctor before trying these herbs.


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