Beautiful Portland

There is this beautiful property that I must share with you. Its called Yahimba and its in/on Long Bay Portland Jamaica. Gorgeous, no tv, no noise , just the sound of the waves beating . I recommend this spot if you want to try something different in Jamaica away from all inclusives and the usual tourist stuff. Is beautiful . I went there with a friend stressed and when I returned to work I was so relaxed. It will take you about a day to forget about the usual noise of people , tv and other distractions. And because the waves are so grand on that side of the island you easily can become drunk by it. The locals are pleasant and they leave you alone. The huts , yes I said huts,are right on the beach. The restaurant is average and they close early but there is this lovely open air restaurant on the same beach thats owned by this lovely man from Denmark named Robert, that spot is a must for excellent Jamaican food