Flax seed oil is commonly used to treat high cholesterol, heart disease, eye and skin conditions just to name a few. Flax seed oil has a high amount of protein, the flax seed have a rich amount of fiber, and the combination of the flax seed oil and the fiber can be used as a laxative. Flax seed oils has Vitamins B-1, B-2, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Flax seed oil has some properties in fighting cancers.

Flax seed oil along with other oils, such as sesame, soybean and other fish oils can enrich your daily diet. It will make you feel great and it has no side effects and you can take it with other medications. This is one supplement that you can take and it will not interfere with other medications. 

Flaxseed is also a factor in the fight against Alzheimer s   .  In the Caribbean Flaxseed is sometimes called Linseed